Welcome, I am Fiona Nguyen. I am a CPA and Founder of Balannx, a boutique financial accounting and consulting firm specializing in supporting impact-driven small businesses and conscious CEOs, and that is what I do for my day job. Over the last few years, while working with a lot of small businesses and freelancers, I […]

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Welcome to the Balannx Blog

Hi there,
I am a mama and CPA for ambitious female entrepreneurs.
I love the number, people and beautiful things. I can sit hours to listen to others dream, passion, concerns and help them achieve their financial goals.
On this blog page, you will find weekly financial tips and tricks for your business.


Mama, number nerds, espresso obsessed, SOURDOUGH ENTHUSIASTS

Hi, I'm Fiona.
Your CFO and profit strategist.

I am a CPA for female entrepreneurs. I am on a mission to help Ambitious female entrepreneurs take control their number, level up their Business finance and become wildly financial success.

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