Introduction To The Podcast-Become Sensible

I'm Fiona!

I am a mama and CPA for ambitious female entrepreneurs.
I love the number, people and beautiful things. I can sit hours to listen to others dream, passion, concerns and help them achieve their financial goals.
On this blog page, you will find weekly financial tips and tricks for your business.

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Introduction To The Podcast-Become Sensible


I am Fiona Nguyen. I am a CPA and Founder of Balannx, a boutique financial accounting and consulting firm specializing in supporting impact-driven small businesses and conscious CEOs, and that is what I do for my day job.

Over the last few years, while working with a lot of small businesses and freelancers, I realized that there is a gap in practical finance and tax knowledge that can be very helpful for many business owners.

I’ve become more active in sharing this practical knowledge on social media.

So, through some discussion and feedback, I decided to learn to podcast where we deep dive into the financial, accounting, and tech topics and the simple tool that relates to those topics that helped you, as the business owners and council CEOs, to make a better financial decision and try your meaningful business. I would like to see more of you become sensible and successful in your business. 

Now, the format of this podcast will include:

  • Answers to your common question about accounting and tax.
  • Some foundations underlying accounting and tax, as well as practical tools and tips to help you implement these in your everyday business.
  • Guest experts to share the tips and the tools to grow your business and help you be successful.

This is also going to be a little bit different than many podcasts out there if you choose to be an active participant by playing your suggestion about which topics you like to cover, comments, your questions, and topics because we want to be more helpful to your daily financial and tax situation. The comment section is also where you can give us your suggestions. If you would like us to cover more, I appreciate your time, and I cannot wait to see you again in the upcoming episode.

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Mama, number nerds, espresso obsessed, SOURDOUGH ENTHUSIASTS

Hi, I'm Fiona.
Your CFO and profit strategist.

I am a CPA for female entrepreneurs. I am on a mission to help Ambitious female entrepreneurs take control their number, level up their Business finance and become wildly financial success.

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