Stop feeling overwhelmed by your business finances and taxes!

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Let me transform your financial numbers into actionable financial and tax insights and strategies to drive your business growth!

Even if your bookkeeping is done, it's the story behind them that determine whether your business thrives - or not

I know before you even brew the first cup of coffee in the morning, your mind is already packed with thoughts about your today to-do list. Whether you are a one-person show business or a whole staff, you handle it all - from marketing, sales, customer service to design, create, and in the front line. But while the list of all that you have to do and grow your business is long, the amount of time we've given in a day remains the same.
And your financial report and tax rules make you confused and overwhelmed even more?

The business world can demand more of you than time will allow. 



What we do...

Overwhelming with your numbers


Losing your sleep when tax season comes


Trying to figure out what is going on with your number


Take a deep breath! I am here to help! 


I founded my boutique CPA firm in to cater to business owners like you. You should know that this is no one-size-fits-all approach:

I prioritize working with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and committed to making data-driven decisions. I understand your unique challenges and aspirations because I've seen many businesses like YOURS.

With over 200+ clients served, 25,000+ hours of financial analysis, financial reports and tax performed, and a track record of helping businesses achieve millions in revenue growth, turning their business around, I firmly believe that financial success and peace of mind ARE possible—and I'm dedicated to helping you achieve both. My goal is to help you with the insights and strategies you need to thrive, so you can focus on what you do best: YOUR PASSION, YOUR EXPERTISES and YOUR GIFTS.

Meet Fiona


"Fiona changed my life! I call her my Angel. She came in when my husband suddenly passed away, and helped me figured out his completely messed up business. I paid off $35 million his business debts in 3.5 years while building 7 figures cash flow and business up."

- Rosemarry Lauer


200 + businesses served

25,000 + Hours in financial analysis, consulting, and tax 

75% of clients served are women owed Businesses

400 Mil+ Revenue of total clients served


Are you Ready for tax filing yet?

Do you feel overwhelming with tax documents?

No worries! I am here to help you get ready for tax filing this year with ease. I have listed down common items and documents for you!
Click the link below to download the Tax Checklist!

    Are you Ready for tax filing yet?

    Are you Ready for tax filing yet?

    Steal this!

    Pricing template for your services and products

    Are you tired of underpricing and not profit? Steal this tool so you can instantly plug in the number and set a profitable price and pay yourself more!

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